Who we are

We are Modern Thekedar, a construction experts with partners nationwide. We are group of expert with professional by education and hands on job which brings best in class product for dream house within best cost saving techniques and amalgamation of old with modern tech for common solutions, with highly experienced team on job to execute at best level.

Our Vision

We are the Construction professionals by education, with a group of real enriched experts with professional experience, with a vision to build each home as your dream for you. Our main motto is to remove all the unwanted hassle which a common man can face during the construction of their dream house and provide them all the required services at one place at the same time!

We constantly assess the needs, realities and values of the customer and set goals to satisfy their needs and to provide services that will address and satisfy our customers’ needs, requirements & expectations in a cost effective way

We continually innovate, develop and adopt state-of-the-art technologies, methodologies and materials to deliver customer satisfaction through better, faster and cheaper construction services

Whether it's basic consultation or complete construction we will handle it. Just be the part of the journey and without any worry enjoy the stages of development of your dream. We have a dedicated team of architects, engineers(Consultants), Electrician, plumbers, material suppliers, contractors, etc.

You might get worried about the construction of your dream home is going good or not, as we all know you can't watch for it all time but with us you can! We provide 24/7 live feed and construction's status with photographs. Your dream is our vision!


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