What is the process of getting in touch with Modern Thekedar?

You can contact us by visiting and send a query from our website or Email or you can reach us out on Facebook, Twitter or You can call us anytime. We 24/7 support to resolve your queries.

How much time it will take to complete the project?

Project completion depends upon multiple factors which will be considered prior to the beginning of the project with the consent of the customer for the same. But we definitely provide you an expected timeline for the same. Though your specific time frame will be our first priority.

Is there any minimum advance payment to be made and What are the modes of payment?

No, there's no such need for any advance payment to begin services. We accept Cash, Cheque, Online Transfers/RTGS/NEFT as payment modes for the services.

How quality of work is assured ?

Prior to the construction, all the materials & method checks will be shared with our customer. We have the finest experienced team for the same which will ensure that all the checks are done properly and will update the customer on every fortnight for the same.

What if customer requirement changes while construction is going on ?

Permissable Change can be done prior to customer's need. Although any major changes would be a challenge for us to go for.

What if customer want refund and process of refund?

Although we are not charging anything in advance, and further if the customer wants the amount to be refunded, we will refund it by cheque in 10 days of closure if the refund is applicable on the same.

What if construction work gets delayed?

WE try our level best to provide our services always on time but still we have the clause for prior start all the given timelines and process. we will be sign a +- 10% variation excluded any policy changes or natural calamities.

Does MT provide certification of quality standards ?

We provide all material, RCC and Steel works certified by OEM & the final certificate of completion and quality will be provided by our architect for the project.

What if customer does not want whole solution only partial solution?

We are happy to serve you in all formats whether it is Consultancy, or Partial solution or complete Pre to post construction solution. You name it, We do it!

Can customer be allowed to visit the project completed by MT?

Yes ,With a prior appointment with us, we will accompany your visit with one to one interaction with the workers and the site. All project are constructed by our team of experts. We offer direct contact with our expert team with you for direct approach for specific jobs for the assurance of transparent deals .

Shoot us a text or E-mail your query or Just call us anytime! We are 24/7 available for your requests.

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